Does Wireless Charging Work With Phone Case?

The use of wireless charging technology is embraced in devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and kitchen appliances. Also, the healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries are greatly using the technology, thanks to its ability to reduce the distance between a charging pad and an electronic device. Does wireless charging work with a phone case, please keep reading to learn more about it.

Does a case affect wireless charging?

This is a technology that does not involve cables to charge your iPhone 13 or iPhone 12. Therefore, you no longer have to plug in cables with a wireless charger. Rather, you need to face whatever device you need to charge on a special charging mat, and it starts charging.

Therefore, to enjoy this technology, what do you need? The first mandatory thing to possess is a device that supports wireless charging. This is because technology needs a physical connection with the phone. However, if you have an iPhone case, you might wonder, does wireless charging work with a case? Does a case affect wireless charging? A simple answer to this is yes, the technology works well with a TPU case or leather wallet case. However, a metallic or aluminum case would break and affect wireless charging.

The second thing to have is a wireless charger. They are in varying shapes, sizes, and prices. You can have a puck, mat to small discs. What’s more, the chargers can come with built-in items like furniture.

can a phone charge wirelessly with a case

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

This technology works with the help of a special wireless charging pad that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy to your electronic device. This happens without using a charging cable, so you won’t need to plug one. Therefore, for it to work, there must be a charger and a receiver for the transfer of energy via electromagnetic induction. However, does it mean your device can no longer charge with a cable? Not exactly. This traditional method can still work even when your phone uses wireless charging.

Moreover, you will have to keep the charger and device to be charged nearby. You can also ensure you align them on top of each other, but this is not necessarily important.

Does Wireless Charging Work With a Thick Case?

As noted earlier, even with a phone case on your iPhone, you can still charge your device wirelessly because direct contact is not a necessity for it to start charging. However, the thickness of the case differs depending on the charger and phone. Wireless charging may not be effective through thick cases but can be perfect with a thin silicone clear phone case. With a phone case of 3mm thickness, you don’t have to remove the case for the phone to charge.

Does Wireless Charging Work With Case

What Are the Advantages of Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging can be a great choice because of the following advantages;

  • It uses a single cable: when you use this technology to charge your phone, you only need one cable to plug into the charging mat. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with multiple chargers, this is the way to go.
  • Simple to use: wireless charging is not complicated. All you need to do is place the device you want to charge on the charging mat as it faces up. It will then start charging.
  • Reduces Clutter: with wireless charging, you don’t have wires all over; from your table to the office desk. Besides, since there is in-car wireless charging, you will declutter your car as well.
  • Less damage to cables and USB ports: when you have a wireless charger, you use the cables less frequently, and with time, you help reduce the wear and tear. The damage to the USB ports is also reduced. If you iPhone wont charge, the wireless charging is the best method to charge your phone or clean the charging port of your iPhone.
  • Shuts off automatically: wireless charging got you covered if you are constantly worried about overheating your phone. It will automatically shut off when your device has been fully charged, saving energy and your battery in the process.

What Are the Disadvantages of Wireless Charging?

Before you decide to go for wireless charging, it is important to know the following disadvantages;

  • It is more expensive than cables: this is one drawback of this new technology. It is pricey compared to the traditional cables. Remember, the prices are hefty and vary depending on size.
  • It is slower than cables: unlike your normal cable to charge your device, using a wireless charger will take up to 30-80% longer for your phone to get charged fully.
  • No phone use while charging: when you go wireless, you lack the freedom to use your device when it is still on the charging mat. This is unlike the traditional cables, which allow you to use it even when still plugged in.


If you no longer want to plug in cables to get your iPhone 12 or any other model charged, want to enjoy the convenience and reduce clutter, wireless charging is here for you. With a charger and a compatible device, you are good to go. What’s more, even with a case, wireless charging can still be initiated. However, the thickness of the case matters; if it is thin, well, and good. However, the thicker the case, the less the likelihood of wireless charging. Besides, the technology does not work with metal cases.

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