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Protective iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

Designed to offer so much more than any basic phone case style ever could; featuring 4 credit card slots so you don’t have to carry your wallet separately for use, this cute and protective iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet case also boasts a kickstand to keep your phone perfectly in place while in use as well. 

An extraordinary phone accessory from front to back, this unique and pretty iPhone case with a card holder allows you to go anywhere without having to tote around your wallet and/or purse along with it. A one-of-a-kind way to keep your iPhone safe from scratches and dirt. 

Available for purchase in 5 classic color options, this truly luxury and cute phone case also fit several iPhone models, including iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Max. 

Every single time you leave home with your phone wrapped in this cheap and pretty phone case; you can rest assured you’re always ready for anything that comes up along the way. Simple to slip around your phone, this wonderful wallet-style case is certain to keep your actual iPhone in perfect condition for months and years to come.

Cheap Leather wallet phone case Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max
unique and protective iPhone 12 case

Trendy Alcantara iPhone 12 Case

Our trendy and unique phone case is expertly crafted from remarkably durable alcantara material to assure your iPhone 12 is as fashionable, and perfectly protected, as it can possibly be. 

Boasting a softened cowhide suede design classically used for the creation of sports car seats, inside the trim and more; every inch of this cute and pretty iPhone case is made to withstand constant use with little to no signs of wear of any kind. 

Designed to fit several best phone case brands, this protective Alcantra iPhone 12 case will keep your phone truly protected whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Huawei.

Manufactured from a stunning synthetic alternative to a compatible animal product, this incredible case will keep your phone protective and free of dirt and debris or any kind at all times. 

Just the most protective phone case you need to keep your iPhone 12 looking just as stylish as you do.

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Customers Reviews

This pretty and trendy phone case fits perfectly my new iPhone 12 without any play or sloppiness. The cover is a cross between flexible and sturdy yet feels soft and grippy on your fingers. The iPhone 12 case also has little bumper guards on the corners to help if you accidentally drop your cell phone. There is also a raised edge to help protect the screen and camera lens. I would certainly buy this again from this cute phone cases brand.
cheap phone cases for samsung galaxy S10 Plus
Marry houston
It's a classy and cute phone case that is not bulky but definitely protects my phone from drops. I have already dropped my iPhone on concrete and the case did its job without damaging the case or the iPhone. I will buy another case cover to see the beautiful design of my new iPhone 12; the protective and unique phone case brands at cheap prices.
Cute and cheap phone cases for samsung galaxy S20 Plus
The benefit of using this cute phone cases for girls, you get to enjoy your phone without it being covered in silicone, and you get the protection you need... The top cover completely flips over when you need to talk, and you can hold it like a small book when texting surfing etc... all with a good grip as opposed to holding the iPhone 11 Pro Max all by itself. I can definitely recommend this cute and protective iPhone cases design.
Cute phone cases covers for APPLE iPhone 11 Pro Max
Sarah Bendamou