How to Remove Your Phone Case without Any Risk of Breakage

A hard phone case offers substantial protection from bumps, drops, and scratches that otherwise would damage the smartphone itself. However, when a hard cover needs to be replaced, taking it off may not seem as easy as you might think. What follows are simple instructions to help you understand how to remove a phone case that won’t come off without breaking it.

How to Take Off a Phone Case Without Breaking It 2024

How to Take Off a Phone Case Without Breaking It?

There are a few methods for how to remove a phone case without any risk of breakage, starting with prying it off with your fingers. Many hard cases will have catches or tabs that let you place your fingers in a position to pry off the case without damaging the iPhone itself. Some cases and covers come with instructions as to how they can be removed.

But if the case or phone has warped or changed its shape even slightly, then the case might really be stuck to the iPhone. In that event, you may need to use a tool to help you remove the case itself. Some Shockproof cases kits come with a squeegee tool that lets you apply more leverage without breaking the phone itself.

Different Types of Cases

Not all phone cases are the same. From leather and metal to silicone and rubber. Understanding the different type of phone cases will help you remove a case in the right way.


This is usually a metal or plastic case that wraps around the sides, but not the back of the smartphone. They offer less protection compared to a full hard case, but they are usually easier to remove.

You can usually start with one corner and bend it away from the case and the rest of it will pop off. If you are encountering strong resistance, try another corner and work it off the phone.


This is not really a case, but instead, an adhesive cover that can be peeled off the phone after its usefulness is over. Skin does not offer much protection, but it does help prevent scratches. To remove the adhesive residue, use a little rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the phone.


Before removal, look for any fasteners or straps that might be attached as they will need to be removed first. Go slow and start with one side. If the wallet case came with instructions or a tool, then start by using that to remove the cover.

How To Remove Silicone Phone Case?

TPU material or Silicone cases are not only quite popular, but they are quite flexible as well. You should have few issues removing silicone cases as their flexibility makes them easy to remove. But that’s also one of their problems as some silicone cases are tough to keep on the phone itself.

Understanding how to take off a phone case will not only save you time and effort, it may also save your iPhone or Android phone as well.

When you get a new case to protect your iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 Pro Max, save the instructions if they include how to take off a phone case when you want to switch them out. Plus, having a couple of tools handy will let you get the leverage needed to pop off a case without damaging the phone itself.

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