Will Your Old iPhone X Case Fit iPhone XR? What’s the difference?

Most Apple users always wonder whether their old iPhone X case will fit in their new iPhone XR cases so that they do not have to buy new cases every time they change their iPhones. So many peoples ask themselves; Do iPhone X/Xs cases fit XR?  In a bid to try to answer this question, continue reading the discussion below.

Will iPhone X Case Fit iPhone XR?

do iphone x cases fit iphone xr

Quick Dimensions

I know this will come to you as a disappointment but the bitter truth is that your old iPhone X / Xs case will not fit into your new iPhone XR for various reasons.

One is from the fact that the new iPhone XR case size is relatively larger than the previous iPhone X / Xs, meaning that even the layout of the power and the volume buttons will be misaligned if you tried to fit the old iPhone case into the new phone such as iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The second reason is that the old iPhone X has only one back camera cutout, contrary to the new iPhone XR, which has two cameras at the back, meaning that it requires a case that has two camera cutouts that can accommodate the two rear cameras.

The iPhone X or Xs cases, on the other hand, is a little smaller than its successor. iPhone XR, It measures 5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 inches. This difference means that the width, height, and length measurements are all different and as a result, the iPhone X case will not fit the iPhone XR because some parts of the phone will be forced to be left uncovered.

This means that the edges of the new iPhone XR are exposed to possible damage since they can easily break or scratch.

Camera Comparison

iPhone XR has only one rear camera, meaning that it’s the protective cover also one rear camera cutout on its back. Then the raised bumper of the camera is a little smaller compared to that of the iPhone X.

iPhone X, on the other hand, has two rear cameras that are not only larger than that of the previous iPhone XR but are also differently aligned.

So back to our previous questions, will iPhone X case fit iPhone XR cases? The bitter truth is that your older iPhone X / Xs case will not fit the new iPhone XR because the size and camera cutouts of the two phones are different and trying to fit it on the iPhone XR will just the edges of the camera uncovered hence exposing them to potential damages through scratching and cracking.

The Ports And Buttons

On the right side of the edge of the iPhone X, there is only one button for switching the phone on and off; the power button. The up and down volume buttons are on the left edge of the phone.

The USB/power port is at the center of the bottom edge of the phone, while the two speakers are on both corners of the bottom edge.

On the other hand, iPhone XR has two buttons on the right edge of the phone; up and down volume buttons, while the power button is on the left edge of the phone.

And although the speakers and the audio jack port are aligned the same as those of the iPhone Xs cases, and X, still, this does not mean that the case will fit the XR.

So now, back to our question of the day, Do an iPhone X case fit iPhone XR? No, the case will not fit because of the different layout of the ports and buttons.


Most different types of phone cases are not designed to fit in other phones since the phones are not manufactured in similar measurements and designs. This is quite disappointing since it means that you have to buy a new case every time you buy a new iPhone. But even so, this should not discourage you when buying a protective iPhone case for your new XR. By doing that, you will be missing out on the many benefits that come with having a phone case.

Although the primary purpose of a protective iPhone case is to guard the phone against drops and scratches, it has other many benefits. They can be a defining factor for love of fashion and style, for example, those that come in artistic drawings, leather, glitter, marble design, and signature arts. They can also serve as a security feature; a signature or a name on the back can help you easily claim ownership of the phone in case it gets lost.

They also serve as an additional secure carriage of cards when you buy those that have a credit card holder pocket. This saves you the inconvenience of carrying the bulky wallet. You cannot spend so much on your new iPhone XR and fail to reward it with a wallet case or shockproof phone cases. So get one today from Waw Case Store and you will enjoy using your phone for the longest time ever.


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