Can the iPhone 11 Case Fit in iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases?

Will the old iPhone 11 cases fit the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max? What cases fit the iPhone 12 or vice versa?

Times are changing rapidly, and we see numerous adjustments made, especially in the technology sector. Things that were hyped some years or even months ago become common and undervalued. The same is true with the iPhone evolution. New iPhone ranges come out regularly with new features and designs. So, if you have an iPhone of previous years, you might wonder, if can the old iPhone 11 case fit the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max.

Will the Old iPhone 11 Case Fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

If you’ve decided to buy the iPhone 12 big brother, iPhone 12 Pro Max, can you save money for the case by using the one for an iPhone 11? The answer is NO. That would be a mistake. Yes, buying a new Apple phone can be costly, but it won’t be possible to reuse your older phone case.

The iPhone 11 6.1-inch screen makes it physically bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Thus, an iPhone 11 case cannot fit into an iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

Are iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Compatible With 11 Pro Max?

What of vice versa? You have an old iPhone 11 and want to use an iPhone 12 Pro Max case to enclose it. Can the new iPhone 12 Pro Max cases fit your old iPhone 11? No, that’s not possible since the old iPhone 11 is wider than the new 12 Pro Max. It’s 2.98 inches wide compared to the iPhone Pro Max 2.82 inches wide.

What if you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was a 2019 big iPhone, and would like to buy a protective aesthetic case for it? Can you opt for an iPhone 12 Pro Max case and use that one? The truth is, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is slightly bigger than that of its iPhone 11 twin. It will fit the older iPhone, but not properly; it will still be snug, and the silence switch and volume buttons won’t line up. You can use a 12 Pro Max case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max case, but it won’t fit quite right and work perfectly.

Will iPhone 11 Cases Fit iPhone 12?

What of iPhone 11 fitting in an iPhone 12 case? The design language and features of these two phones are different, so is their size. The iPhone 11 is curvy, while its twin is flat-edged. That makes the two incompatible.

The Apple iPhone 11 is also larger than the iPhone 12, meaning that it cannot fit in its case. If you try putting the iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Case, you’ll observe that the case begins to bend and twist.

However, they share similar screen sizes. Both have a 6.1-inch screen. The design, though, is different, and that means they can’t fit in each other’s case. The Apple iPhone 11 case can’t fit an iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 different design makes it hard to fit into most cases. If you put it into an iPhone 11 case, the fit is too loose and doesn’t line up completely. The buttons don’t line up, and the camera part doesn’t fit. So, an iPhone 11 case it’s not the same size as the iPhone 12.

What to Do if You Need a Case on an iPhone 12?

If you plan on saving money by utilizing an old Apple iPhone 11 case for a new iPhone 12, it’s understandable. Sometimes, purchasing a new phone, especially the Apple one can be costly, and any chance of saving money is highly appreciated. What if that doesn’t work? What can you do?

Remember, iPhones vary in design, size, and shape. Even if they might have similar screen inches, their width or height might vary. Also, they may have similar sizes and shapes, but different designs. Thus, it’s hard to find older iPhone cases fitting newer iPhone 12 or any newer models, and vice versa. The solid differences between the phones make their cases incompatible.

So, if you need protection on an iPhone 12, the best option would be to purchase a shockproof or clear iPhone case that’s specific to it. The same is true for iPhone 11; if you own one and would like a case for it, just look for its compatible iPhone 11 case. That’s it with all other series. Buying a new iPhone will mean that you have to buy a screen protector and a new case too.

Your iPhone 11 Case Won’t Fit iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max

Several iPhone 11 series are available, including the iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Reusing these old iPhone cases on newer iPhone 12 models won’t be directly possible. Different factors apart from size should be considered before settling on such reuse.

Thus, your 11 cases won’t fit in or work with 12. The same is true for an iPhone 12 Pro not fitting in an iPhone 11 Pro case, and the trend continues in both models’ series. An iPhone 12 case will fit an iPhone 12 Pro case, and a 12 Pro case will fit an iPhone 12, but an iPhone 11 case will fit neither.

Final thoughts

Apple will continue to release newer versions/models of their iPhones. These releases have different updates, advanced features, and designs. Since iPhone cases are vital for protection, we need to buy them every time we acquire new devices. Unfortunately, for now, we can’t use our older iPhone version cases for the newer versions. Any old iPhone 11 cases cannot fit the iPhone 12 series. Meaning, if you buy either the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll need to buy a phone case for either one.

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