4 Reasons to Invest in a Kickstand Phone Case

Kickstand cases are one of the best multi-functional accessories you can invest in for your iPhone or Android phone. It’s like a rectangle plastic bar, rotatable magnetic ringer, or detachable wallet on the back cover. They offer acceptable protection for your phone and also come with some awesome added features. In this post, we’ll explore 4 reasons why having a phone case with a kickstand is worth it.

Stability and Security

The first benefit of getting a new case with a kickstand is stability. Many users struggle with holding their phones while watching movies or taking photos, which results in shaky footage or blurred images. However, you can prop your phone up on any table. This feature proves especially useful when working remotely. You can easily set up your device anywhere without worrying about it falling over.

MagSafe Case With Ring Kickstand for Google Pixel 8

We all know how easily our phones can slip out of our hands and fall to the ground. In fact, according to SquareTrade’s Annual Breakability Test in 2018. Americans have spent around $3.4 billion on repairing damaged iPhones alone! With a kickstand or hand strap attached to your cover, you no longer have to worry about dropping your device accidentally. The stand is an extra layer of protection that keeps your device upright and secure while you go about your day.

Hands-Free Convenience

Using a kickstand case can free your hands for other tasks such as cooking or doing household tasks while following online recipes or video tutorials knowing it won’t slip away. Plus, it eliminates the need to hold your phone during long video calls or when recording videos.

Military Grade Hybrid Samsung Case

Another advantage of using this feature is its usefulness during travel. Instead of holding onto your phone throughout the journey – whether by car, train, or plane. You can set it up on the tray table or seatback pocket and enjoy your favorite shows hands-free. This makes traveling more comfortable and ensures that you won’t miss essential notifications when you’re busy with other activities.

Improved Viewing Angles

One of the most frustrating things about using a phone case is when it obstructs the screen and makes it difficult to see. It can happen with bulky cases that block part of the screen. However, you can fix this problem and enjoy better screen visibility.

Samsung Galaxy Clear View Cover

Another critical reason to consider buying a kickstand phone case is to improve screen visibility in other daily activities, such as browsing social media feeds or reading articles online. Instead of cradling your device with one hand and scrolling with the other. You can use both hands freely while still keeping an eye on the content displayed on your phone.  

Easy Attachment

Thanks to the MagSafe magnetic metal ring feature built into some kickstand cases, attaching your phone to your car is child’s play. Whether you regularly use navigation apps or like to listen to music while driving, securely attaching your device to the dashboard makes access easier and safer. No more balancing your smartphone on the console or holding it in one hand while driving.

Magnetic Bracket iPhone Case

Additionally, if you frequently use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. Having a kickstand on your phone case can allow for a smoother ride. You can attach it to any magnetized flat surface inside the car, such as the seat back in front of you. This means you can enjoy hands-free entertainment during long journeys.


A case with a kickstand is a practical and functional tool for protecting your valuable investment. It can prop up your phone for hands-free viewing, provide extra grip for better handling, and add a layer of protection against daily damage. Investing in a quality case built in kickstand is worth considering.

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