Is It Possible For a Case To Overheat Your Phone?

One of the many factors people consider when buying phone cases is whether they will make your phone overheat. When a phone becomes too hot while using it, we might mistake this for hacking or viral infection. However, it is worth noting that many factors could contribute to your phone overheating, including the phone cases you have on it.

Some cases will make a phone overheat, while others are good and will not have the Android or iPhone to overheat. Ultimately, though, whether a phone case causes a phone to overheat or not depends on the manufacturer, quality, and material, and here is all you need to know about phone cases and overheating.

Do phone cases cause phones to overheating

Why do people need phone cases?

While the question about why people need phone cases may sound obvious, you definitely need to have it answered well. The ultimate goal of a phone case is to protect the device against dust, scratches, and other daily damage.

While some may think that phone cases are designed for clumsy people, the idea is far-fetched; you need a phone case, no matter how cautious you are. Military people, athletes, sportspeople, caregivers, mothers, etc., all need durable phone cases. What differs is the quality and features we focus on while buying phone cases; we need a case at the end of the day.

What happens when your phone overheats while using a case?

One factor people pay attention to while trying to get the best phone case is whether the case will cause overheating. Why is this a critical concern? One reason is that overheating typically indicates that a phone is under viral attack or hackers.

As such, when a case causes the phone to overheat, you might conclude that a device is affected by a virus when the issue is the case. Besides, overheating is not good for your iPhone or Android phone.

The longer it takes in the overheated state, the more it becomes predisposed to damage. It is no wonder that overheating is related to the fast draining of a phone’s batters, and before you know it, your phone is no longer what it used to be.

Moreover, overheating means the phone is dangerous since it releases active radioactive particles while in an overheated state, and all of these end up on the human body, increasing a person’s chances of suffering cancer and other radiation-related complications.

Anti overheat phone case

Do phone cases cause phones to overheat?

Back to our main topic of discussion, you want to know whether a phone case can contribute to a phone’s overheating problem. Of course, you want to have your phone in the best condition possible, and you don’t want to see it overheating.

Well, it may come as good and bad news to know that some phone cases will make your phone overheat, and such are not good for you, your health, and the phone.

Still, there are better phone case options that you could opt for to protect your phone from materials that would harm it while still having it in an unheated state. In determining whether the phone case you want to buy will cause overheating or not, many factors come to play, as elaborated in the next section.

How can you yell that a phone case will cause overheating?

In determining whether the phone case you want to spend your hard-earned money on will cause your device to overheat or not, many factors come to mind, and you put them at the back of your mind as you shop for the best phone case for your Android or iPhone. For instance;

  1. The material used to make the phone case determines whether it will make the phone overheat or not. For instance, TPU material and leather wallet phone cases might help protect your iPhone or Android, but they retain a lot of heat, interfering with the normal heat releasing process, so you should research the best material for a phone case that will not cause overheating.
  2. The manufacturing process also determines whether a phone case will cause a phone case to overheat or not. For instance, if you bought a case that closes ports on the phone, the chances are high that the phone will suffer overheating issues.
  3. The quality of the phone case also matters. Most low-quality phone cases will have this or that issue, heating problems being among the commonest.
Breathable phone case

Which phone cases are the best?

There are no 100% reliable phone cases. However, when it comes to heating issues, you need to choose well. Plastic, leather, and some rubber or clear silicone phone cases offer protection but may result in overheating. Meanwhile, metal and magnetic phone cases have fewer heating problems, if any. However, don’t forget to have quality in mind as you buy a case.


Do phone cases cause phones to overheat? It all depends on the manufacturing process, design, quality, and material used to make the case. As such, some will cause heating problems while others may not. Most plastic, silicone, rubber, and leather cases might have heating issues, while magnetic and metal cases seem to be the best for conducting out heat.

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