Why Do Athletes Need Protective and Durable Phone Cases

Once an athlete, always an athlete, and you will need durable and protective phone cases for your new iPhone or Android whether you are training outdoor or indoors.

The weather may get worse, and you need to be notified in advance; your performance is crucial to you, and you need to track it, and you also need to stay connected. Interestingly, all these would not happen without durable and protective cases to grip your phone firmly while still allowing you to use it conveniently. As if that’s not enough, the hands get sweaty as you run or work out, and the terrain you are working on might be rocky.

These two conditions pose harm to your phone, since the dripping sweat may interfere with the phone’s internal parts, while the rocky terrain might leave your stylish $1,000 device have a scratched camera lens or cracked screen, hence the need for a cute and good phone case. Here is everything you need to know about protective phone cases and why every athlete needs one.

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Are Durable and Protective Phone Cases Worth It?

With the economic situation getting tighter every day, you need to see value in anything you spend a penny on. Therefore, you might wonder whether a durable and protective iPhone case is really worth it and if you actually need one as an athlete.

Well, the simple, straightforward answer is yes;

The cases are worth it. As an athlete, you cannot resist accidental drops when working on smooth or rugged terrains. Yet, at as low prices as $10, you can get durable cases that will guarantee you the safety of your $1000+ phone.

Really, isn’t this worth the pence?

Irrespective of the main reason behind your sourcing a cute and trendy phone case, you are sure of using your favorite app to train and still listen to your favorite music without the slightest worry of scratching your camera lens or giving your phone multiple pathways (cracks from drops).

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What Defines a Durable and Protective Phone Case?

After seeing the worth of having a protective and durable phone case, you definitely wonder what defines such a cover. A stylish and durable case should guarantee your phone protection in case of a drop and provide shock absorption, longer, and reliable.

Currently, the camera protection phone case is holding the award for the most durable and protective case. While most cases have been tested under various conditions and proved to be protective, CP has been tried under the most extreme conditions, and it has stood all the tests. Other cases like the magnetic detachable wallet iPhone 13 case and Alcantara phone case are equally unique, come in different colors and designs, and still offer the same protection and durability.

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Which Materials Make Durable and Protective Phone Covers?

Some companies use materials to create different types of phone covers, including plastic (polycarbonate), silicone, wood, metal, carbon fiber, and leather. Interestingly, no material is the best in making the ‘best’ phone cover. One company may use TPU material, and aluminum, yet none will be better if you focus on the material alone. Instead, many other factors are involved, including the engineering mechanism used and how the material has been modified to produce the phone case.

The same applies to shock absorption, which relies on many factors beyond the used material, and includes the engineering technique. Therefore, some athletes might prefer leather phone cases, while others might want to have silicone ones, and both may just be ideal.

Most military personnel prefer WAW phone cases made from a combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, specifically designed to stand military shock while still giving the user a slim but firm grip. They would also be ideal for athletes.

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What Factors Should Athletes Consider in Buying a Durable Phone Case?

With the many phone cases in the market, knowing the durable and protective ones may be hard. Yet, giving up isn’t the ideal option since the rough weather athletes deal with outdoors subjects your phone to a hell-like situation. Therefore, knowing what factors to consider when buying a durable and protective cover for your new iPhone 13 or 12 helps you spend your money on what’s worthwhile. Here are the main factors to look for in shopping for your cover;


Compatibility is an important factor and one of the most critical things to consider when buying a phone case. This is true because getting a case that’s not compatible with your phone means that you are missing out on ease of use and drop protection; the phone will be hard to use, and if it drops, you might not protect the screen, camera lens, and edges from damage. To ensure compatibility, ensure that every porthole on the case matches the phone and that the case tightly grips the phone.

A strong grip

As an athlete, your phone risks falling every time and spoiling because the surface you work on could have rough terrain. Besides, even in the middle of a workout, you might have to pick the phone, especially if you are expecting an important call. This being the case, it is critically important to get an iPhone or Android phone case that gives you a firm grip.

You can do this by shopping for a durable and cute protective cover that’s deemed ‘anti-slip.’ With such a phone case, even when you decide to pick a call on rugged terrain, you have nothing to worry about because it enables you to hold the phone steadily, and not risk dropping it.

Drop protection and shock absorption

Although a drop is inevitable, it’s enough to send you fainting, especially you spend quite a good sum of bucks on your lovely phone. Therefore, as you are looking for a durable and protective case, shop for one that will protect the phone should it fall down and still give it shock absorption.

How much a case can protect the phone and absorb shock largely depends on two things; the materials used and how it is modified. While most companies use plastic (polycarbonate & polyurethane), carbon fiber, silicone, wood, metal, and leather to make phone cases, the modification of each material differs, hence the level of protection they can offer. WAW phone cases are among the most protective and durable as they have stood more tests than any other.

Screen and camera protection

Admittedly, the screen and the camera are the two most cherished and critical parts of your phone, hence the great need to protect them. While getting a durable and protective case, ensure that its edges and bezels are raised to protect the camera and edges, respectively. In fact, if possible, get a case with extra features included to protect the camera and screen.

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Examples of Highly Protective Phone Cases for Athletes

The preceding section has highlighted four special considerations you want to remember as an athlete while shopping for a durable and protective phone case. Here are some of the best cases for athletes that meet the stated criteria; camera lens protection, shockproof, bumper, and more.


Whether working indoors or outdoors, any athlete needs a durable and protective phone case for several reasons, including bad weather notifications, tracking performance, staying connected, using a training app, and enjoying music. In buying such a practical case, focusing on compatibility, firm grip, camera and screen protection, drop protection & shock absorption, and design helps one get a case that’s worth the pence.

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