How To Pick The Best Case For Your Phone?

Finding the best cell phone case is every iPhone or Android user’s goal for the right protection. You want the right case to protect your phone from dust, scratch, and shock, but you do not want to compromise the ease of using your smartphone and enjoy the convenience for which you bought it. As such, you should be able to balance quality, ease of use, and bulk.

There are millions of stylish and trendy phone covers such as gun-shaped phone cases, but you have to do your selection well to easily use your device while not compromising its safety. This article guides you in choosing the right case, but before then, let’s see why you need a good case in the first place.

Why Do You Need The Best Cell Phone Case?

The best phone cases are covers that offer phone protection. It serves the same purpose as the screen protector, only that it protects the entire phone. Why does one need a phone case in the first place?

This sounds more obvious, but it is good to look well into it. A phone case offers the device protection when it falls or when you splash and spill something that would harm it. Besides, some phone covers protect the device from theft.

For instance, iPhone or Android cases with a back stand where one slides it in the finger offer relative protection from thieves. Still, for the most part, phone cases are designed to protect devices from things and not people.

Best and Perfect Phone Case

Who Needs the Right Phone Case?

Regardless of who you are, you ultimately need a phone case. Of course, you might be a cautious person and less clumsy, which is a plus. However, to err is to man, and we are not shockproof. When you least expect it, your phone might fall and crack its screen or, worse off, get completely damaged.

Mothers and caregivers need some of the best cases for iPhone 13 or any other models since working with children may mean getting spills and splashes when you least expect them. If you arere an athlete or a sportsperson who likes listening to music as you work out, you need the right phone coves that will not only protect your android phone or iPhone but allow you to position it inside your pocket easily.

Why There Are No 100% Shockproof Cases?

It is noteworthy that even as you put much effort into choosing the best phone case, there are no 100% shockproof cases. They are all made by humans who cannot get everything 100% right. You might have a strong phone case, but it might be too bulky to fit into your pocket. Athletes might want fall-proof as a perfect phone case, but these do not come without weight that you have to sustain.

Meanwhile, rugged phones are among the best for ultimate protection, but most people who have used them do not fail to mention that they are not the best if you value wireless charging or want something that smoothly slides into your pocket. As such, there is a trade-off for any quality you are looking out for, so you have to balance out things well. Here are tips on choosing the best material phone cases.


One thing you definitely have to pay attention to as you choose the best phone case is the material the case is made up of. Most cases in the market are made of plastic, including TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and polycarbonate, or a mix of the two.

However, thinking ahead of time, you notice that all the plastic covers end up degrading the environment. If you are concerned about the environment, you might want to try biodegradable plastic or wood.


It is good to determine how much protection you want for your phone as you choose the best phone cases. As such, you might want to jot down some critical questions and answer them before opting for any phone case.

For instance, how clumsy are you? If you are clumsy and have things falling from you frequently, you might want a serious, powerful cover for your perfect phone case. Something that protects your phone, regardless of how hard it falls. Contrarily, a cautious person might not need anything out of the ordinary as the best phone case.

Review Online

Something that will help you get a rough idea of how great a phone case can be is the users’ review. Of course, some people only rant out emotions in the review section, and every statement you read might not be true. However, many negative comments definitely mean a red sign for any product, and you do not want to ignore them even when shopping for the best phone cases.

You also want to focus on the device for which you are buying the best phone case and tailor your preferences to it. For instance, quality and protection remain the same when shopping for the right phone case for a normal smartphone and a tablet.

However, features will definitely vary. For instance, you might need a phone case with a kickstand when shopping for the best phone case for a tablet. Conversely, you may want a backstand that allows a finger to slide through when you need the best phone case for your smartphone.

How To Choose The Right Case For Your Phone

Focus on Features When Shopping for the Perfect Phone Case

As you go shopping for your best phone case, have a list detailing what features you want the case to have. While shopping, you will have a plethora to choose from, which is a challenge on its own.

Do you want a case that allows the phone to ret on multiple positions? Is your special interest in a phone case with a finger ring and lanyard that allows the phone to rotate positions in 360 degrees? You know your priorities and jot them down to guide you as you shop for the perfect phone cases.

Should You Opt for Rugged Covers as the Best Phone Cases?

Many people like rugged phone covers because they offer the device much protection. However, before you go for one because people like them, do your research on what they look like. While they may be the best for protection, they may not give you an easy time using them.

For instance, some Alcantara phone cases are designed to allow grip with wet hands, but these make it hard to slide them into the pocket. Besides, they are designed to protect the touchscreen and buttons, but this may interfere with screen and button sensitivity.


There are no 100% shockproof phone cases; each maximizes some properties while compromising others. You might get a phone case that offers much protection, but it will be bulky. Rugged cases protect the buttons and screen, but they may affect touchscreen sensitivity. As such, knowing what you are looking for in the right phone case makes your work easier as you shop. Besides, you can write your preferences down as you plan to shop for the best phone cases.

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