What to Do When Your New Phone Case Doesn’t Fit?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some clever tips and tricks on what to do if a phone case doesn’t fit. From simple hacks to DIY solutions, transform that misfit into the perfect match for your smartphone!

5 Common Reasons Why Your Phone Case Doesn’t Fit

There are several reasons why your phone case may not fit:

  1. The case is too big or too small for your phone.
  2. The case is not the right shape for your phone.
  3. The case does not have the proper buttons, ports, and camera cutouts on your phone.
  4. The case is made of materials incompatible with your phone’s finish (e.g., plastic vs. metal).
  5. something is blocking the case from properly fitting onto your phone.

The good news is that there are a few tips you can do to resolve the issue.

What to Do if a Phone Case Doesn’t Fit?

One option is to heat the edges of the phone case with a hairdryer for a few seconds. The heat will soften the silicone material slightly, making it more pliable and easier to stretch or shape around your phone. Be sure not to overdo it, though – too much heat could damage both the case and your beloved device!

Alternatively, you can explore DIY modifications using adhesive foam strips or double-sided tape strategically placed inside the case. This simple trick helps fill small gaps between your phone and the case, providing a snug fit without compromising protection.

Still no luck? Consider investing in a universal armband phone holder instead. These nifty gadgets allow you to securely hold almost any smartphone without worrying about size compatibility issues.

How to Measure Your Phone for a Case?

If you are ordering a phone case online, ensuring you get the right size is important. The last thing you want is to wait for your new case to arrive only to find out it’s too big or small! Here’s how to measure your device for a phone case:

  1. Start by removing any existing cases or covers from your device.
  2. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the width and height of your phone. Be sure to take note of any buttons or protrusions on the sides of your device.
  3. Once you have your phone’s measurements, compare them to the size chart of the phone case you’re interested in. Most phone case manufacturers will list the dimensions of their cases on their website or product listing page.
  4. If you are still unsure about what size case you need, many retailers also offer “fit kits,” which allow you to try various sizes before purchasing. Fit kits typically consist of a few sized cases that fit over your device so you can get an idea of what size will work best for you.

How To Choose the Right Phone Case?

When choosing a phone case, finding one that fits your specific phone model is important. Otherwise, you risk the case not properly protecting your phone or it being too loose and falling off. Here are some tips on choosing the right phone case:

  • Identify what type of phone you have. There are many different types and models of phones on the market. So it’s important to know which one you have before shopping for a case.
  • Once you know your phone type, research which cases are compatible. Many websites and stores sell phone cases. But not all will have cases for your particular model.
  • When narrowing down your choices, consider what material you want your case to be made of. Cases can be made from plastic, rubber, silicone, metal, or leather, among other materials. Each has its benefits, so choose the material that best suits your needs.
  • Consider how much protection you need from your case. If you’re worried about dropping and damaging your phone, try a case with good shock absorption. If you’re mostly concerned about scratches and scuffs, look for a case with a hard outer shell.
  • Don’t forget to take style into account! Phone cases come in various types, colors, and designs, so find one that reflects your taste.


Finding the right phone case for your iPhone or Android can be challenging. But with this troubleshooting guide, you can find the perfect fit. Measure your device correctly and check if any special features on your phone may affect how well a certain case fits. If you are still having trouble finding one, consider looking at Waw Case or even asking in forums so that you get tailored advice from people who have experienced similar issues.

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