Does Your Phone Really Need A Screen Protector?

Cracks, dents, and scratches on your phone’s screen might leave you questioning, is a screen protector necessary? are cell phone screen protectors worth it? If you have ever had to deal with such a scenario, you undoubtedly would want to be careful the next time you buy a brand new phone. However, uncertainty might chip in, as you may not be so sure whether a solid screen protector is a necessity or not. Please keep reading to learn about this.

Is a Screen Protector Necessary?

This is one of the questions you might ponder over, especially with the improvements in how phones are made to be more durable. It is not uncommon to come across some with scratch-resistant glass.

However, these, too, can’t miss a little crack here and there when the phone falls, have a permanent mark from a scratch. Remember, other phones are made using slippery glass, meaning they are not immune to accidents.

Therefore, it is good to recognize that so many things put your screen at risk because it is vulnerable. Understanding this is the first step to admitting that a screen protector is necessary. If you want to avoid those tiny scratches or dents, why not keep your phone screen protected? It is better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, when you have a screen protector, it does just that, protect your screen. when you have a TPU phone case, will complete the protection of your phone. Nonetheless, if your phone falls, the glass protectors will help absorb the shock. So, what benefits come with having a cell phone screen protector?

are screen protectors worth it

What Are the Benefits of Having a Screen Protector?

If you haven’t considered getting a cell phone screen protector yet, it is time you discover some amazing benefits attached to having one. The following are some of the benefits of having screen protectors;

It protects your phone from falls.

The sidewalks and tiled floors receive falling phones countless times. If you have ever experienced this, you should know having a screen protector and shockproof case would have helped absorb the shock. In this case, the protector will get all the damage, not your phone. Therefore, investing in one isn’t a loss since, at times like this, you surely appreciate the protection. 

It helps protect your phone from wear and tear.

This is one thing that will naturally come the more you have your phone, no matter how pricey it is. The scrapes or those dents do not do justice to your phone. Moreover, when you have some fun at the beach, the sand can rub into your screen, scratching it in the process.

Don’t forget the number of times a day it will be tossed, whether in your pocket or bag. Therefore, since the screen is vulnerable, one way of protecting it daily is by having a 9H hardness screen protector.

Helps reduce eye strain

If you do not wat the full glare from your phone, you can appreciate a screen protector that diffuses that, e.g., one with a matte finish. Moreover, the most recent ones come when treated with chemicals to offer an additional layer for the same purpose.

Therefore, you no longer have to strain your eyes by squinting when you can buy an anti-reflective screen protector that bends light from your Android phone and the sun.

Protects against dust and bacteria

Constantly using your smartphone gives room for the accumulation of bacteria. If you don’t want this to happen, you can buy a screen protector with antimicrobial properties incorporated in the glass.

Moreover, if dust accumulation repels you, there are cell phone screen protectors with a coating that keep the dust away. Therefore, you can buy one with a surface coating that repels what you do not want.

Great for privacy

Do you get annoyed when someone, a stranger in a public transit maybe, is busy looking at your phone when you are texting, reading, or just exploring your apps? Well, a privacy screen protector can come in handy.

Some of them have a coating that is tint-like. This allows visibility to the person in front of the screen only; anyone viewing from a different angle will see a tinted screen. What an awesome way of keeping your privacy!

What is the Disadvantage of a Screen Protector?

As you now know, a screen protector is necessary and useful for your Android phone or iPhone. However, having one comes with certain drawbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages;

  • It may get scratched up quickly.
  • Having one makes your phone screen less perfect or vibrant than it really is. This is especially the case if the installation wasn’t properly done.
  • A plastic screen protector holds finger grease.
  • They may not be strong enough to withstand harsh drops, e.g., on rocks or metals.


Have you been wondering, are screen protectors necessary? You now know the importance and benefits. They help protect your phone against scratches, dents, and falls, among other accidents such as a cracked screen. What’s more, when you need some privacy or want to keep your phone away from dust or bacteria, you can get a suitable 10 Hardness glass screen protector. However, keep in mind that they can make your phone not be so vibrant as it should be, and there are harsh accidents that might not prevent the damage from getting to your phone.

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