How to Clean iPhone Screen Protector

Learn the best ways on how to clean your iPhone screen or tempered glass using a Microfiber cloth, dish soap, and other products.

The screen protector on your phone is a simple, sticky, and useful material that will help prevent the screen from getting scratched. It also makes removing dust and dirt particles easier because you can simply wipe the protector without touching the screen itself.

However, when dust and dirt particles get under a screen protector, that is another matter. This is because cleaning the sticky side of an iPhone screen protector may seem tricky at first. The belief is that if soap or water comes into contact with the underside of the protector, it will no longer be sticky. However, that is not true if you use the following products and methods.

  • Soap, preferably dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth (they often come with a screen protector)
  • Hair Dryer
  • Packaging Tape
  • Water Faucet

How to Clean iPhone Screen Protector

Remove the screen protector and run the sticky side under the faucet with cool water. Next, apply a little dish soap to the sticky side. This will loosen and remove dust and dirt particles along with fingerprints. Dry the protector with the hairdryer. Be sure both sides are fully dry.

Now, loop the packaging tape around your fingers so that the sticky part is on the outside. Lightly dab the tape to the sticky side of the screen protector. This will pick up any dust or dirt particles that are still on the surface. Afterward, use the microfiber cloth to clean the screen itself so it is free of any particles.

Once you have done that, return the screen protector to the screen itself. It should still be sticky enough to adhere to the screen.

Clean iPhone Screen Protector

If you do not have a screen protector, you should get one. However, understanding how to clean the iPhone screen whether you have a protector or not is a useful skill. Even the 9H hardness screen protectors may allow some dust or dirt particles on the screen itself.

The best solution is to use a microfiber cloth. This is a cloth that is designed to pick up dust and dirt particles. Simply wipe the iPhone screen with the cloth and then replace the screen protector assuming it has been cleaned. If you are looking at smudges that are more difficult to remove, then you might dampen the cloth, but never allow it to be wet enough that water might drip into the phone itself.

How to Clean Tempered Glass

If you need to clean the tempered glass, the process is similar to cleaning window glass in terms of the products and materials available.

  • Dish Soap
  • Spray Bottle
  • Sponge
  • Clean Microfiber Cloth

Mix a little dish soap with water and spray it onto the tempered glass. The dish soap will loosen the particles that are on the surface. Let the soap sit on the glass for a few minutes and then wipe with a damp sponge. This should remove all the dust and dirt particles. You can now use the cloth to wipe and dry the glass.

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