How To Get Rid Of Air Bubbles In Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you’re reading this, you’ve encountered the all-too-common problem of air bubbles under your tempered glass, and you are looking for a sure-fire how to get air bubbles out of screen protectors.

This is a huge bummer. I know. Screen protector air bubbles ruin everything.

You bought tempered glass to protect the screen of your device, but these bubbles can disrupt the sensitivity of your touch screen. One may push out air bubbles near the edge more quickly, but, getting rid of air bubbles in the center is more difficult. Tempered glass being inflexible can be trickier than plastic screen protector ones and need a steady hand to remove and fix any issues.

How To Remove Bubbles From Screen Protectors

Don’t sweat it. This article seeks to assist you in how to get rid of air bubbles in screen protectors. Through much trial and error, I can say that there are two tried-and-true methods to remove bubbles from tempered glass.

For each of these methods, there are a few tools that you will need before getting started. Method one requires a razor blade and possibly some calming natural sounds to steady your nerves. The second method how to get bubbles out of the screen protector will require a Q-tip or cotton swab and some cooking oil.

How To Remove Air Bubbles From Your Screen Protector

Reapply Your Tempered Glass Protector

Disclaimer: You’ll need a razor blade and a steady hand for this.

The primary means of ridding yourself of screen protector bubbles is to remove the screen protector altogether and Re-apply your Tempered glass.

Reapplying with a screen protector to remove air bubbles is a tricky process but is in no way impossible. With your razor blade in hand, take the sharp edge of the razor blade and carefully slide it under the corner of your tempered glass.

Lay your phone screen up on a flat surface and make sure to keep your blade horizontal, so that it does not gouge or scratch your screen. Carefully guide your blade under a corner of your screen protector and work it in enough to peel it away from the screen.

When you’ve successfully lifted the corner, slowly lift the rest of the tempered glass away from your screen.

Things to remember:

    • Try not to bend your screen protector as you lift it.
    • And don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many tempered glass screen protectors are made to come off and be reapplied multiple times.

Dust and lint are the most common cause of screen protector air bubbles. To make certain that this is not the cause of your problem, you will want to wipe your screen thoroughly with a lint-free cleaning cloth, something like you uses to clean the screen protector. (You can pick up one of these clothes anywhere they sell sunglasses.)

You may also want to lightly wet the corner of the cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe it across the screen of your device to remove any lingering debris. Do not worry.

Alcohol will not harm your screen in any way and will evaporate quickly, leaving the surface dry and unharmed. After using the alcohol swab, use the dry portion of your cleaning cloth or new cloth and wipe the screen entirely.

Things to remember:

You could also use single-use screen wipes that you could pick up from any electronic store.

If there is persistent dust on your tempered glass screen, you may want to use Scotch tape. Use the adhesive side of the tape against your screen, dabbing to pick up any remaining dust or lint. Be thorough and pat the tape across the screen in slightly overlapping paths making sure to cover every inch of its surface.

Get those steady hands ready again. Carefully, line up the edges of your screen protector with the edges of your screen. When you are satisfied that the screen protector is in the correct position, then set one edge down and slowly press the screen protector onto the surface.

Things to remember:

Find a humid space in your house, such as a bathroom, to reduce air bubble formation.

As soon as your tempered glass protector sticks to the screen, you must press down with a finger, or better yet the flat edge of a credit card in the center of your device’s screen. From the center, apply pressure evenly and push along the screen out to the edge in all directions. Once you begin the process, you will need to move deliberately and with some haste.

Helpful hint:

When you’re done, if you still have screen protector air bubbles, try repeating the process or consider buying a new 9H hardness or 10H tempered glass screen protector.

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles Near The Edges of Your Screen Protector

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles Near The Edges of Your Screen Protector

Disclaimer: For this method on how to remove bubbles from the tempered glass screen protector, you will need a Q-tip and some cooking oil.

Moisten the end of your Q-tip with cooking oil. (Use either olive or vegetable for best results.) Coat the Q-tip or cotton swab with a thin layer of oil. Be certain that it is not so wet that the oil drips off.

Using the moistened Q-tip, swab the edges of the screen where the air bubbles are. Make sure there is no excess oil on your cotton swab. The object is to get some of the oil under the screen protector. The oil will remove bubbles from the tempered glass and tightly seal the screen protector.

As before, using a hard edge, such as a credit card, press the screen protector back down and wipe off any excess oil. When you’ve gotten rid of all screen protector bubbles around the edge, squeeze the tempered glass tight against the screen. Use a paper towel to dry off the edges of your screen protector to clean any of the excess oil that has squished out.

Hopefully, one or both of these methods have helped you to remove all glass screen protector air bubbles. However, if they are persisting, then you may want to simply purchase a new screen protector with a shockproof phone case. You may also consider having one of the store clerks apply the tempered glass protector for you.

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