Dropped Your Phone In Water? Here’s What You Should Do

Have you ever dropped your phone in the water? You are not alone, Apple users do it all the time. Can you recover your iPhone from water damage? If you have a wet iPhone, fix it today with these tips below.

If you have an iPhone, you most likely carry it where ever you go. It is the link to your friends, family, work, play, and just life in general. You can catch up on the news, you can catch the latest tech news; no matter what, you can do and see anything and everything through your iPhone.

If you carry your iPhone into the bathroom with you or in the kitchen while you are doing dishes, you may not realize the high probability of your Phone getting dropped into the pool of water that is in front of you.

If you do drop your iPhone in water, what do you do? Take off your phone case first clean your phone case and then follow these tips to learn how you can get water out of your phone.

What To Do if You Drop Your Phone in Water

First, make sure the wet phone is off. You don’t want it trying to reboot or turn on with all the water inside. If your phone was on but now it is off, leaves it off. Don’t try to get it to respond.

Next, you will want to try and get the sim card out of the phone. This sim card of your phone has all your information on it, so if you can get it out before it becomes damaged with water, you could possibly save your phone.

In order to remove the iPhone sim card, you may need to use a paper clip or a key if you have it. Once you unlock the sim card tray, the card will most likely slide right out.

Using a dry absorbent cloth, you will want to wipe off the exterior. It is wet so be sure to blot it at first to remove the access water from it. Blot it gently until you have absorbed all the water outside.

There is no way to get to the inside of the phone, so you don’t want to even try to take it apart. The iPhones are one unit so unlike mobile phones in the past, you cannot separate them.

Now that you have most of the phone on the outside dried up, you will want to place the phone in a dry area that is warm and away from everything, so it doesn’t get wet again or knocked off.

One of the quicker ways to dry your wet phone is to place it on top of a TV set because it is not only dry but very warm as it heats up the longer it is left on. Don’t place the phone in direct sunlight thinking this would speed up the drying process. Placing it in direct heat is actually going to cause more damage to the phone.

Use Silica Gel To Dry Your Wet Phone


If you listened to your grandmother or your mother, you will have been saving those small silica gel packets that come in packages and boxes from time to time.

They are placed inside the boxes and packages to keep the contents from drawing moisture.

If you don’t have them saved, you can purchase them in a store near you. Place the silica gel packs on top of the wet phone so it can draw the moisture out and absorb it inside the pouches.

Dry Your Phone In A Bag Of Rice

Dry Your Wet iPhone In A Bag Of Rice 22

Another popular way that many people claim works is to drop your iPhone completely in a bag of rice. Be sure the phone is completely buried in the rice.

Leave your iPhone buried inside the rice for one to two days before removing the phone. The rice can help draw out the moisture that may have entered into the charging port, iPhone speaker, and headphone jack.

It will take your phone a few days to dry up so be patient. Don’t try turning it on until you know that your phone has had time to dry inside and outside.

If after you have tried all of these methods to rid your wet iPhone of moisture and it doesn’t come on, you will want to take it to your local cell store and let them do what they can to get it repaired.

If you were able to remove your sim card in time, they will be able to insert that card into a loaner so you can have a phone working with all your information while your phone is being repaired.

iPhones are resilient so don’t be over concerns that it is ruined. Once it is working again or once you have a replacement, be sure to keep your phone away from water.

Don’t watch your phone or talk on your phone while doing the dishes, washing clothes, or brushing your teeth. These are things that do not require having a cell phone in hand to accomplish.

What Not to Do if you Dropped Your Phone in Water

Don’t turn it on. If your phone dropped in the water, you don’t want to turn it on to see if it still works. If you try and turn it on and the water has absorbed inside the phone, it may cause even more damage because the wires are working to try and connect it and the water is working against it.

Don’t use a Hair Dryer on it. If you shoot your phone with a blast of hot heat, you may be causing an issue within your phone that is not going to be repairable. It’s important that you avoid blasting the hot air to the phone hoping it will dry it up; it will not.

Don’t try to text your phone from another phone to see if it works. The water has made contact with your phone so the best thing you can do right now is leave it alone and hope that it dries up.

Protect It With A Waterproof Phone Case

Find the best case and screen protectors to fit your iPhone but this time, look for one that is a waterproof case so the cover will at least delay water entering the phone while you are pulling it up out of the water.

These cute iPhone cases are available online and they do protect your phone up to a certain distance. Your phone is valuable to you and if you learned one thing it is how much you rely on your phone for day-to-day living.

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