How To Clean Alcantara Phone Case?

Do you use your phone without a case? Which phone do you use? Regardless of whatever device you possess, cases are vital. They vary in durability, ease of cleaning, and price. If you’re a Samsung or iPhone user especially, what should you know about how to clean the Alcantara phone case? This blog will elaborate more on this superb phone case. Read on to find out more.

What is Alcantara Phone Case?

Since Android phone covers made by Alcantara are new to many users, what does this term mean and why is the interest in knowing more about its case? Alcantara is a registered synthetic composite material that’s manufactured by a company called Alcantara S.p.A which also owns the trademark. We’ll talk more about the material and not the company.

Alcantara is suede-like but is more stain-resistant and abrasion-resistant than suede. It has more customization options. It can be easily customized in thickness, color, technical properties, and surface finishing. Some of the technical properties include breathability and water repellence. The cover comes in four different colors; pink, dark grey, khaki, and black.

Alcantara phone cases are the first Android made with premium material. Samsung adopted the cover for its Galaxy S10 and S20 Ultra. Several advantages result from using this phone case, some of which we will discuss later. Meanwhile, how do you clean this Alcantara phone case and ensure it shines? Let’s discuss more.

How To Properly Clean Your Alcantara Phone Case?

This Alcantara case is the most luxurious way to protect your Android or iPhone. It also has a perfect hand feel that creates enjoyment when handling. Certainly, you don’t want such a cover to lose its appeal due to dirt. Thus, it’s vital to learn how to clean phone cases, something that’s not hard. While other cases such as clear cases, especially the TPU material, require only wiping, the Alcantara case requires a little wash.

To clean the Alcantara phone case, you require a neutral soap, a soft cloth/sponge, soft brush, and water. The cover can get contaminated by dirt, dust it attracts, or any other contaminant. If that happens, wipe the cover gently with a soft cloth or sponge (it should be made moist with water and neutral soap). A slight wash with a soft cloth will also suffice. After that, dry it in a well-ventilated place, and then gently clean it with a soft brush. Just imagine it’s that simple!

Even so, is cleaning alone enough? Not really; like all other types of phone cases, proper care and maintenance are vital to ensure that the case, though durable is long-lasting. It wouldn’t be appropriate to clean the case every time. That’s why proper handling and care should be considered. Some things to keep in mind for doing so include:

  • You should avoid exposing the Alcantara phone cover to chemical substances as that might damage it completely. Remember, some chemicals are corrosive, and any contact with the material might destroy it.
  • You should avoid putting the cover in hot or humid environments. Exposure of the cover to direct sunlight can change its color or disorient its form. Thus, it’s necessary to prevent such exposure if possible.
  • You should take note not to scratch the case with sharp objects. Even while cleaning it, only soft cloths and brushes should be used. It would be best not to use any other tool apart from those even if the dirt seems sticky. If that’s the case, take time to clean the phone case with the recommended item.

Cleaning of the phone case should be done with care to avoid damaging it. That means you only stick to the approved cleaning materials, including soap. Some soaps aren’t perfect for cleaning and should be avoided. Proper cleaning of the Alcantara will do more than make it sparkling, neat, and appealing. It will ensure it lasts and serves you for a long time.

Why The Alcantara Case Is Suitable for Your iPhone or Samsung Device?

The Alcantara phone case is undoubtedly the most lavish way to protect your phone. Unlike most cases that focus mostly on protecting your phone, the Alcantara case does more. It’s perfect for you for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Excellent build quality. Its quality is superior to any other back covers. It’s durable, thus will be long-lasting.
  • It provides protection. While it’s relatively thin and light, the thickness can provide drop protection. It protects the phone from splashes, bumps, and scratches. It can also absorb some shock better than most plastic back covers.
  • A wonderful hand feel. You can’t enjoy the great hand feel this case offers with any other cases. The fabric gives an enjoyable hand feel different from that of plastic. It’s soft and comfortable to hold such as wallet cases.
  • Strain-resistant. Nothing beats this case, like being able to resist any strain and abrasion.
  • Great styling and a perfect fit for the phone. The texture of the cover on phones looks excellent most of the time. It also doesn’t affect charging ports or earphone ports by blocking them.
  • It’s easy to clean. Since it’s a suede-like material, it can be cleaned and kept clean very easily. A slight wash or wipe off is all that’s required. You also don’t need to have special material to clean it.

The bottom line

The Alcantara phone case is awesome, and it’s something that every phone lover should consider having. Would you like to keep your phone looking luxurious? Yes, it might be costly, but it’s worth it. Why spend $5 on a case that will not offer the above advantages when you can spend a little bit more to get this superb phone case?

Sometimes, cheap is expensive, and that makes it reasonable to go for the Samsung s20 Alcantara case or the new magnetic Alcantara S23 case. Of course, the case will accumulate a little bit of lint and dirt over time, but that’s a small problem you expect with a fabric-laden case. Furthermore, it’s easy enough to clean; wash, or just wipe off. Make your money worthwhile by getting the Alcantara case for your new iPhone 12, iPhone 13 pro cases, and iPhone 14 Pro.

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