How To Stop And Remove Pop Ups on Android Phone

Pop ups on Android phones are normally advertisements that help keep the content available online free. Unfortunately, some of these ads on the phone can be frustrating as you are trying to upload a show or read an article. Ads are intruding sometimes on our online time. There are ways that you can stop and remove ads from the android phone so you can enjoy your search and this article is going to tell you how.

Can I Permanently Block Ads On My Phone?

Remember, your pop-up ads are attached to an app that you have most likely downloaded or updated at some point. Most android users have a certain number of apps that they like for reading and entertainment or work.

These apps are a big reason why people carry phones; it keeps them in touch with the rest of the world. Pop ups can start when you first open the app and then increase as you continue to watch them or play games on them.

Stop Popup On Android Phones Using Chrome

Chrome goes hand-in-hand with Android and can be the best option in handling Android issues. Chrome can block all pop ups by default but if you are receiving ads still, you can go in and check to see what is set up in your Chrome.

You may be able to solve your pop-up issues just by going into your Chrome settings and making some simple changes.

Here’s how: Chrome Pop Up Blocker

Go to the Chrome home page.

how to stop pop up ads on android phone

Open Settings menu which can be found in the upper right corner – there are three dots vertically in the upper corner.

how to stop pop up ads on android phone (2)

Click privacy and security

how to stop ads on android - go to privacy and settings

Once you have this open, click site setting

click site setting on google chrome to remove ads from android

There are two options that you will want to check. First are the pop ups and redirects.

click Pop-ups and redirects on google chrome to remove ads on phone

You will want to make sure that this option is off, so it will block sites from popping up and redirecting you. Next, you will want to check the Ads section there to see if it is also off so it will block the ads from sites that can pop up all time

pop ups on android

Now you can save all your changes and go back out of everything. That should handle a lot of your pop-up ad issues. It’s important that you always click “apply” or “save” when making changes to your settings. This allows the phone to acknowledge what you just did and make the necessary adjustments when possible.

Chrome Permissions

You may have already allowed apps access to your phone and didn’t even realize it. You can check your Chrome permissions to determine if you did indeed grant permission without knowing it. You can always go in and turn off the permissions so they cannot get to it. Here’s how you can get to it to check:

Open Google Chrome and then open the website through Chrome that you want to turn off permission to. While on the site, open the More settings menu. You can do this by tapping on the three dots that run vertically on the top right of your Chrome page.

Tap the “i” which is the information icon. This icon is located at the top corner. Once there, click on-site settings. There you will see permissions, and this is where you will see all that the website you are on has access to. You can turn off permissions for notifications before saving your changes and exiting the screen.

How To Stop Pop Ups Ads On Phone Using Another Browser

If you use another browser other than Chrome, you can still stop the pop ups that show up on your phones. For example, if you use Samsung internet browser which is popular on the android phones, you can still block the pop ups and here’s how:

First, open more settings menu. This is also found at the top right corner. Once there, click on settings. Then you can click on settings and advanced.  Once there, you can turn off the pop-up blocker.

remove ads from phone

If you are using another browser other than Chrome and Samsung, you can search their plugins in settings to find a way to block them. Follow the links until you are successful at turning them off.

Restart Your Android Phone To Remove Pop Up Ads

After making all the changes to your phone, you will want to restart your phone again and give it time to recognize the changes you have made and then put it into play. Once the phone is completely done starting up, it should recognize your changes, and then you should notice a reduction in the number of pop ups that show up on your android phone.

If you still notice the same number of ads popping up as you did before, go back and do these steps listed above again because you may not have saved your steps as you went through them.

If this is the case, going through them again and then restarting your phone should take care of it. If not, you may need to explore the settings a little more to find out how you can turn off the notifications and pop up ad blocks choices for your phone.

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Advice On How To Remove Ads From Phone

When you are on your favorite game or watching your favorite show, you won’t appreciate the pop ups ruining the moment. If you are on the app at the time, you should be able to go into settings and adjust the pop up block, so you won’t receive any more of these ads when you don’t want to see them.

Always remember that you can control your pop-ups ads in settings, so visit it often so you can erase the cookies that are tracking your activity on your phone. Once you accept cookies, the app owner can track you and then target ads according to what you are interested in or are visiting the most. You are always in control of your android phone so maintain your control by stopping the pop ups whenever possible.

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